Foods and Recipes

The purpose of the Diabetic Heart website is to identify a wide array of delicious foods you can have within the limitations of your sodium, saturated fat, sugar and starchy carbs allowances, and help you enjoy the foods and widen your range of healthy choices.

By focusing on what you CAN have instead of what you can’t, you can learn to enjoy the range of healthy options and explore new possibilities. Once you have some core meals under your belt for the immediate future, you can try some new methods, new recipes and substitutions. Junk food and unhealthy options will be less appealing when you have choices at your fingertips that are healthier and delicious.

Cooking methods

Whatever your favorite methods of cooking are, there are probably at least a few that you haven’t tried. Use this section to expand your strategies, to make the most of the proteins and other foods you are allowed to have, and to try new ways of preparing old favorites.


Vegetables, proteins and whole grains will be at the heart of your food plan, but these pages will also show you strategies for other needs. These pages are designed to give you a new vision for your eating lifestyle, with emphasis on options that will help you stay on track and avoid as many harmful food temptations as possible. They are built around foods, seasonings and strategies chosen to help you stay on track.Breakfasts


We are interested in teaching you new strategies that will allow you to create your own favorites! These strategies will help you use your imagination and develop favorites of your own, based on what you love and what your allowances permit. Still, everyone has to start somewhere, so on this page you’ll find a few of our favorites, along with recommended variations. Some are makeovers of old favorites to make them diabetic-friendly and heart healthy.