Gather Your Resources

After you have been using your new cooking strategies for awhile, some things will become more comfortable. For example, it takes only a couple of weeks for your taste buds to adjust to lower sodium cooking. You’ll find that you actually appreciate many food flavors more without all that salt, and things will taste better without extra salt. Even so, some of your new favorite recipes can become tiresome if overused, and you’ll want new ideas.

Use our Core Meals and Recipes sections to get started, but keep exploring. When you remember some of the foods you used to enjoy that you cannot have anymore because of your limitations, use our Makeovers section to create new versions of old favorites. 

Before you and your loved one become bored, start a habit of gathering ideas, bookmarking websites with healthy cooking recipes, and joining Facebook groups devoted to the changes you need to maintain your lifestyle.

Please be sure to check our Resources page for links to a variety of resources we have used.

Whatever resources speak to you, gather them when you have time. Save pictures and web links to your phone or device, including recipes to your favorite places, links to You Tube, or make note cards or lists with ideas; do whatever works with your preferred way of saving and using information. The key is to learn, and to keep gathering fresh ideas!

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