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Our purpose on this site is to give people who have both diabetes and heart disease a vision for managing their eating needs. Nothing was more moving (and sad) to us than the words of a gentleman we met in the hospital, who had just survived his second heart attack, about why he didn’t change his habits after the first heart attack:

“I didn’t know where to start, so I just went back to my old eating habits.”

If just one person tells us that they were in this position, but that this website gave them a vision for how to manage their eating needs, we will know it was all worth it.

The Diabetic Heart Lifestyle System™ is a suggested plan for managing your limitations by learning to prepare Core Meals (those that satisfy all your limitations) and meals with Adjustments (meals that stay within the guidelines your doctor has provided). The food section of the site will help you learn healthy food preparation methods, and techniques for creating a wide variety of great meals.

We hope you will subscribe to our blog, to keep learning more and seeing new recipes. Anytime you want to find something quickly, check out the A-Z Index page, where we’ll keep a listing of key words to help you get the information you need as easily as possible.

The Resources page will direct you to other sites we think you’ll find helpful, for authoritative information, new research, and other ideas about managing diabetes and heart disease.

We hope you will also consider using our Products we love page when you want to try new kitchen tools, seasonings, books and small appliances!

Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice. Follow the advice and guidance of your doctor and health practitioners. The ideas, suggestions and tips provided here are intended to give you ideas for how to make the changes they suggest, not what those changes should be.

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