On a website about eating for heart and diabetes health, you might expect lots of recipes. We definitely offer some to get you started, and we will add at least one more each week in our blog. Meanwhile, we hope to teach you strategies that you can vary for your tastes. You might like more olive oil, or twice as much red pepper as we do, or maybe you want to use brussels sprouts instead of broccoli, or turkey instead of chicken.

Adjustments: In addition to the recipes below, remember that you can adjust any recipe to your specific needs, and adjust old favorites to eliminate sodium, reduce starchy carbs and saturated fat, etc. Sometimes your old recipe might need a complete makeover!

For example, let’s say you want to make Collard Greens. Maybe your Mom and Grandma always made theirs with bacon grease and ham trimmings. You might look at the adjustments section of this website and discover that we did a makeover on our recipe too. Then you run a search online for “Low sodium collard greens recipe.” Up pops a list of recipes. These inspire you to maybe add some garlic, caramelize some onion before you add the greens, or whatever suits you. But if you would rather just start with instructions, you can look at our recipe!

Blog: You might have noticed in the blog that our journey began in December, 2018. We are learning as we go, and we will continually post new recipes. We hope you will join in this journey with us!

Core Meals

We urge you to start your new lifestyle with a group of Core Meals and core ingredients that are easy to prepare and will get you started with healthy habits. You are unlikely to go wrong with these recipes and strategies.